“The Aspen Center for Physics provides a stimulating, inspiring and beautiful surrounding for discussions, exchange of concrete research ideas, catching up on what others are working on, and gathering feedback on one's own research.”

Physics in Aspen

Summer vs. Winter Physics

The summer and winter experiences in Aspen vary from limited talks in the summer to a schedule full of presentations in the winter. Summer workshops have two or three half–day formal sessions leaving the rest of your week for individual work or informal collaborations. Winters are run on conference schedules with a full slate of talks from about 8 am to 11 am resuming at about 4 pm to 7 pm This leaves the middle of the day free for outdoor pursuits or informal chats.


Applications are available in early September for both the winter and summer programs. Click Summer or Winter on the left and follow links to the appropriate application. Every physicist including members and organizers, who would like to attend the Aspen Center for Physics must fill out an online application.

Publication Citations

As a reminder to those who worked on any publication while in Aspen - please cite the Aspen Center for Physics and NSF Grant #1066293. Typical wording is "Thank you to the Aspen Center for Physics and the NSF Grant #1066293 for hospitality during the [conception, writing, editing or ....] of this [paper, book, manifesto or ....]. You are free to word this acknowledgement however you would like.