“It was an enjoyable combination of efficient work, communication with other physicists, physical exercise, and family fun in the off–time. ”

Getting Participants

The ACP Admissions Committee makes all selections for summer participants. You will have opportunity for input, and you can encourage applicants to apply well before the January 31 deadline. Be clear that you cannot guarantee admission, and that they must meet the application deadline. Because of the constraints imposed by the rest of our program, we will not be able to admit everyone who applies.

A sample note from you for this group would be: “As workshop organizers, we encourage you to apply. We would also like you to encourage other people who are active in this field to apply. We do need to be clear, however, that we cannot guarantee admission to the workshop.” Admissions are granted by the Admissions Committee of the Center, with some input from the workshop organizers. The Admissions Committee will endeavor to accommodate as many applicants to the Workshop as possible.

Invitations to participate will be sent out in mid–March, with a deadline for response by April 1. Those not invited to participate will be placed on an ordered waiting list, and invitations to participate will be sent to wait–listed applicants as spaces become available.

Financial support for participants is provided by the Center as follows: No support is available for salary, travel expenses, or registration fees. Participants can, of course, use their own grant funds for these items. Our NSF grant provides support for participants who stay in Center–arranged housing. Everyone will receive a credit on their statements. Housing costs can be under $200 per week for shared housing and over $100 per day for a three–bedroom apartment.

The Center may have some extra support available from fellowship funds to help defray expenses of foreign participants beyond the housing support discussed above. These additional funds are limited to a few hundred dollars for a few of the neediest participants. Please notify the Aspen Center for Physics regarding any such candidates.

All participants at the Aspen Center for Physics must pay the registration fee. We are unable to waive the registration fee for any participant.

At each stage of the workshop organization process, we ask you to make every reasonable effort to seek diverse participation by under-represented physicists active in the field. ACP is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment to all under-represented groups, ensuring non-discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, alienage, age, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, marital status, political affiliation or political philosophy, disability, institution size or veteran's status. The Physics Center views this as an active and ongoing responsibility for all workshop organizers. Click on the “Diversity” link on the left for suggestions from our Diversity Committee on how to recruit under-represented groups.