“I would like to compliment the organizers of the superconductivity workshop for making the right mix of talks and free time, which stimulated discussions but left enough time to have them. ”

Before You Come to Aspen

Meeting Scheduling

As you know, Aspen works hard to maintain a light meeting schedule to allow maximum time for individual projects and collaborations. You should plan on two or three half-day sessions at the most. Often organizers schedule a first–Monday–morning organizational meeting. Either before you arrive in Aspen or after, you can reserve your half-day meeting venues. All meeting venues have blackboards.
  • Flug Forum – the formal 100–seat auditorium with excellent projection.
  • Bethe Seminar room for about 30 with good projection.
  • Stranahan Patio seats 40 and is for chalk talks. It may be too chilly in very early summer, but you can usually find an indoor meeting locale if the weather does not cooperate. This venue lets participants enjoy the open air and perhaps the strains of music rehearsals.
  • Gell-Mann and Stranahan break-out rooms in Smart Hall accommodate fewer than 20 people and have blackboards and classroom-style chairs.
  • Stranahan Purple Room for very small-group sessions. It has chalkboards and a TV for group viewing of computer images.

  • Please be sure to coordinate your workshop meeting schedule with our staff. All participants of concurrent workshops are invited to attend your meetings, as you are invited to attend theirs. Cross-field discussions are another unique feature of an Aspen summer.

    We will email your meeting schedules with times, venues, speakers and topics to all physicists in attendance every Friday and Tuesday morning during your workshop. Schedules and updates to the schedules should be emailed to patty at aspenphys.org and will be posted on the bulletin boards in each building. Again, meetings should be limited to a maximum of three half-days per week.

    As the lunch truck will be coming at 12:30, morning meetings usually end around 12:15 and afternoon meetings start at about 2:00.

    Colloquium and Public Speakers

    Please recommend one participant for the Colloquium Committee to consider in their scheduling. The purpose of the weekly colloquia is to bring Center participants in other fields up-to-date in your field/workshop.

    In addition, the Center sponsors a series of public lectures in Aspen. If one of your participants is particularly skilled in giving public lectures to a non–scientific audience, please let the Center know. Both colloquia and public lecture schedules are in place by April or early May, so please give us your suggestions early.

    In July and the first half of August, we supply a speaker for the Science is for Kids' Picnic, co–sponsored with the Aspen Science Center. This person should be good with children ages four to eighteen, and be able to explain a very fundamental scientific concept to them. Props are extremely useful! If you know of a participant who can entertain this audience for 20 to 30 minutes, please let us know that too.