“Beyond the usual benefits of a change in scenery, Aspen is, of course, both gorgeous and inspiring. ”

Life in Aspen

Athletic Club Passes

The Center has special prices for the Aspen Recreation Center, which has facilities on Maroon Creek Road near the high school (indoor pool, skating rink, climbing wall and exercise equipment), at the Red Brick Building on Hallam (climbing wall and classes) and at the Aspen Golf Course (tennis courts). Buy passes at the Smart or Stranahan front desks to get the discount. Those staying at condominums managed by Frias Properties can also obtain discounted passes at the Aspen Club and Spa located east of town on Highway 82. The accommodation map in your packet will indicate if you are in a Frias unit.


You have special personal check-cashing privileges at Alpine Bank, 600 E. Hopkins Street, Aspen (up to $300). The bank will also cash any check drawn on the ACP bank account. Please be aware that it is common for them to fingerprint you, even though you are on the list of participants that we provide to them.


There is a large area topo map on the wall in the Stranahan lobby. There are also hiking guides in the Stranahan and Smart lobbies. The U.S. Forest Service on the corner of 7th and Hallam Streets also has hiking information, as does the Aspen Chamber. Click here for their guide.


In extreme emergencies, dial 911 to get emergency assistance, such as an ambulance. The Aspen Valley Hospital is at 0401 Castle Creek Road. Their phone number is 970–925–1120. Late at night you can ask to speak with an emergency room nurse. Carl's Pharmacy has over–the–counter medical supplies and a prescription drug counter. It is open in the evening; phone number is 970–925–3273. It is located at 306 East Main Street. If you would like a recommendation for a doctor or a dentist, ask at the Smart Hall front desk.

Public Library

Library priviledges are available to everyone at the Pitkin County Library, at Mill and Main Streets in Aspen. You may use this facility and check out books, books on CD, movies and music during your stay.


May and early June and September are cooler and quieter in Aspen. There are often weekend events in September. In the spring some restaurants may not yet be open, but many are. There are still a lot of things to do in town, many of which you can plan on your own. The staff can provide activity ideas. If you are here for the last week of workshops you may see some foliage color changes.

Late June, July and August are high season. Expect more crowds. You may need reservations in many restaurants. There is more traffic and there are more scheduled activities in town.


Aspen is a mountain town located at an elevation of nearly 8,000 feet. The surrounding mountains reach 14,000 feet. Please be aware of the high-altitude effects like headache and dizziness. Drink lots of water when you first arrive, and limit physical exercise and alcohol intake. The summer days are usually warm and dry, with temperatures in the 70's-80's. There are frequently thundershowers in the afternoons. The evenings are often cold, down to the low 40's in the early and late summer months. If you are visiting early or late in the summer you may encounter snow storms.

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