I'd like to stress that an environment like this is very different from the environment at conferences, where everyone is usually very stressed to present their own work and hold many conversations in too short a time; in contrast, Aspen gives more opportunity to judge up front, by having more one on one personal contact, if a collaboration can be fruitful.

Computing at the Center

ACP Network

Connection information is in your arrival packet. There are both wired and wireless connections at the Center. The wireless password is in your packet. If you need a wired connection you can borrow a cable at the Smart front desk.

By using our network you are agreeing to not do large uploads or downloads during business hours, not do anything illegal or malicious or use our network for sending spam. Should you violate these conditions your internet privileges will be revoked.

IT Assistance

We have limited staff with limited knowledge. You are welcome to ask us for assistance, but you may have more success by finding a physicist with a computer similar to yours and asking for IT help. Home institution IT offices have helped many of their own physicists while in Aspen. The staff can provide you with local computer repair and part options.


Printers are available in each building. Smart Hall has a color printer, which we ask you to use somewhat sparingly. Instructions for connecting to the printers are also available near each printer. Please be sure of the location to which you are printing and then retrive your job. If it isn't there, you might have printed to a printer in another building! Recycle office paper near each printer.

Public Computers

There is an old iMac computer available in the Bethe library.


We do not provide an outbound smtp mail relay host, so in order to directly send outbound smtp email from your computer, it is necessary for you to utilize a mail relay that provides remote access from your institution. This may be accomplished in many ways, and it is up to your institution to provide the necessary resources to support this. Many institutions use commercial VPN, or SSH, or SMTP-Auth based secure connections to provide remote access to their resources. So if you experience difficulties, please contact your home IT department for assistance. The Aspen Center for Physics network does not block vpn's or any other type of connection established from inside our network.

If you use IMAP or POP servers from your institution, you can also have web-based access to your own accounts at mail2web.

An alternative to using your institution for remote email is to obtain a webmail account.

Skype and similar tools

Skype and similar conversations during the day will be disruptive to your office-mate and to those in offices near yours unless you seek out a place where you won't disturb others: Bethe seminar room and Flug Forum, with doors closed, when they are not in use and outside away from offices and open windows.