“The library and internet facilities are excellent and the quiet environment at the Physics Center and free format of the workshop made this a very productive time for both getting to grips with issues that were previously not clear, as well as for thinking of new directions to pursue in this research.”


As journals have become readily available online, the Center has distanced itself from providing full library services. We no longer pay for online journals because they were little used and very expensive. We encourage participants to access journals through their home institutions, typically using an automatic proxy server. Information about setting up access via proxy server is usually available on the homepage of the institutional library or try googling instructions. If you cannot acquire the paper you need through your home institution or through a fellow physicist, ask the Center staff for assistance. We maintain subscriptions to popular science magazines for casual reading. These are located in the library in Bethe Hall.

We continue to purchase physics books. Suggestions for additions to the Library are always welcome and can be sent to the Chair of our Library Committee. The Center welcomes donations to the Library of books and cash. All donations are tax deductible. In most cases, requests for books for use while at the Center can be honored with overnight shipping.

Access to our catalog online will soon be available. Access is limited to physicists currently registered for the summer session.

We do have a large collection of pre-2009 paper journals in the Stranahan library annex and in our basement. The staff can assist you.