“During the four weeks of my stay...not only did I have the opportunity of presenting my work to a crowd of specialists and hearing the new developments of the field firsthand, but I also benefited immensely from several peer–to–peer discussions in the yard. Due to these discussions, I was able to make crucial advances in one of my current research projects, as well as to start a few collaborations that I hope will yield interesting results in the near future.”

Mail, Telephone and Fax

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 8:30-4:30.

Mail, UPS, and Federal Express

You may receive mail and packages at the Center at our address shown below. Please do not have mail sent to your apartment. When forwarding your mail to the Center, be sure to include an end date before your departure. Incoming mail is distributed to your desk in the afternoon; outgoing mail leaves from the Smart front desk at 1:00. The Center will provide postage for work–related domestic letters.

Envelopes and forms are available for Federal Express and USPS Priority Mail. You must pay for these with your FedEx account or your credit card. If you have a FedEx account there is a FedEx drop–off box at the Hickory House on Main Street between 6th and 7th Streets. If you need to pay with a credit card there is a FedEx office across the street from City Market. The U.S. Post Office in next to Clark's Market.


Faxes may be sent to (970) 920-1167, and will be delivered to your desk by the staff. The FAX machine is located in the Smart Hall lobby next to the coke machine. Faxes are free.We ask that your use of our resources (FAX, computer, copiers, etc.) is reasonable. If you have a large job, consult the staff about additional charges.


There are telephones for your use in the Smart Hall lobby, just outside the Smart kitchen, in the Flug foyer, in the Stranahan lobby and library and next to the printer in Bethe.

Copying and Scanning

There is a copier/scanner in the Smart Hall lobby and a copier in the Stranahan Hall copy room. Only large jobs will be charged. Let the staff know if you are copying or scanning more than 100 pages.