´┐ŻAlthough I had heard talks on related subjects in the past, I feel I got more understanding in Aspen settings. The stimulation I have had during the short stay at Aspen is amazing, and I just regret leaving Aspen only after two weeks. I thank all the Aspen Center for Physics staff for maintaining such a paradise for physicists.

Departure Instructions

Settle Your Bill

Your bills will be on your desk the Tuesday before your departure. Please inform us of any last-minute charges you may have, such as souvenirs or recreation passes, which were incurred after the statements were printed. When you pay your bill, which is due by noon on your last Thursday, please notify the staff in Smart Hall of your departure date, and be sure to sign out on the NSF departure sheet.

Exit Report

Please write a brief (1-2 page) summary of your research activities while at the Center and mention significant conversations with other participants which may have aided your work. We use these reports to send to the organizers, in grant final reports, in proposal writing, on the website, in writing our histories and in confirming the path of research should one be needed. Reports should be emailed to patty at aspenphys.org.

Acknowledgements in Papers

  • As a reminder to those who worked on any publication while in Aspen - please cite the Aspen Center for Physics and its NSF support. Note that the NSF grant number depends on the period in which you visited the Center.
  • We recommend the following format for acknowledgement in publications resulting from your participation at the Center: "This work was performed at the Aspen Center for Physics, which is supported by National Science Foundation grant PHY-1607611."
  • (Use grant number PHY-1066293 if your work was performed during a visit to the Center in summer 2016 or a previous summer, or during one of the following 2017 winter conferences: Topological Metamaterials, The Dawning Era of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics, and Fast Radio Bursts: New Probes of Fundamental Physics and Cosmology. Use both grant numbers if work was performed in both periods).
  • The phrase, "This work was performed" should be modified as appropriate. Examples include, but are not limited to, "This work was performed in part," "The work of [author subset] ABC and DEF was performed," "This work was initiated," "This work was completed," or "This collaboration was initiated."
  • Simons Foundation recipients should include the following acknowledgment: "This work was partially supported by a grant from the Simons Foundation."
  • Check-Out: 10 am Sunday

    Please! Wash your dishes and dispose of your kitchen trash and recycling. If apartments are left in exceptionally unkept conditions, it compromises our ability to offer same-day check-outs/check-ins. You will be charged for extra cleaning in the case of overly messy apartments.


    Place your apartment keys and parking permit in the basket located on the front desk in Smart Hall. Do not leave keys in your apartment.


    If you have suggestions for improvements of our program - physics, housing, logistics, documentation, etc. please email them to patty at aspenphys.org along with your Exit Report.

    Return Books

    Please return any borrowed journals and books to the library and note the return on the book check-out clipboard.

    Return Bicycles

    Please lock your bicycle to the metal bars on the west side of Bethe across from where you originally chose it. Donations to maintain this fleet are greatly appreciated. We suggest $25 per week but are glad to accept any amount. In the past few years we have been able to upgrade our bicycle program from donations!

    Return Cribs

    Please be sure any cribs, strollers, highchairs and other items in the Center's children's inventory are returned to the basement (or Smart Hall Lobby if getting to the basement is problematic.) If you leave them in your apartment, they are lost to us forever.

    Share Child Care or Day Camp Information

    If you have any comments, please share your experience and information by emailing them with your Exit Report to patty at aspenphys.org.

    Have a safe journey home. We hope you will visit us again soon.