"The Center of Physics in Aspen is the most pleasant place I know in the world to interact with other physicists. This is partly due to the beauty of the environment, to the fact that one can integrate the family in the day to day life, and also due to the staff, which manages to combine getting everything to work perfectly while being almost invisible. thus contributing to a sense of freedom.The fact that the town is quite small is very convenient, as big cities tend to be dispersive."


For the summer season, the Aspen Center for Physics rents about 60 fully furnished apartments and condominiums in various locations within two miles of the Center. ACP sublets this housing to participants. While not luxurious, they are generally comfortable and adequately equipped. PETS AND SMOKING ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE HOUSING WE RENT.

Housing is assigned primarily on the basis of immediate family needs. Since we always operate at or near capacity, there is very little flexibility in the housing arrangements, and it is not practical to give questions of rank, etc., more than secondary consideration. It should be noted also that large (3 or 4 bedroom) apartments are scarce and expensive. Although we do our best to accommodate your wishes, in some instances, we are unable to fulfill them, including requests for studios (generally no kitchen) and one-bedroom apartments. Single physicists may be asked to share houses or large apartments, with each person having a private bedroom (shared housing) and sharing the kitchen and other facilities. It often happens that exciting collaborations result from these arrangements.

You will learn your housing assignment upon your arrival in Aspen when you pick up your key and map packet in the Smart building lobby at the Aspen Center for Physics. You must sign in upon arrival, listing your arrival date and your planned departure date and time.

You may find you have a smaller apartment than you are accustomed to, but it should be adequate for the needs of your immediate family. Visitors, including relatives, should expect to stay at one of the motels or lodges in town, reservations for which should be made well in advance.

Apartments are equipped with linens, blankets, dishes, utensils, televisions, and internet. Note: The Inn at Aspen, where most of our studios are located, have limited cooking facilities - a microwave and refrigerator. If you need cooking facilities, you should request a non-studio housing option on your acceptance form. For food preparation at the Cemter, there are only microwave ovens. Participants bring lunches, purchase from the lunch truck that arrives at the Center daily, or go out to lunch.

For babies and very small children, the Center will provide Pack 'n Plays, if needed. Please return these to the Center before your departure. Click the link at the left for "Bringing Children" for more on that subject.

Please take good care of your apartment and notify the Center immediately for any maintenance issues. Affordable housing is scarce, and our reputation for quality care is a tremendous asset. If you do not have homeowners' insurance, you may want to obtain renters' insurance to cover your possessions in your Aspen condominium.

We do not provide maid service during your stay. Many apartments have laundry facilities so you can wash your linens during your visit. There is a laundromat in Aspen. Limited cleaning supplies are available in many apartments or are available at the local markets. If you would like to pay for extra cleaning during your stay contact the Aspen Center for Physics to arrange this. Cleaning charges will then be added to your summer bill.

When you depart you are expected to take out all of your trash and to thoroughly wash your dishes, pots and pans and put all kitchen items away as you found them. Maids will replace your linens, and clean bathrooms and floors after you depart.

Participants will be billed for their assigned housing. The National Science Foundation funds equal support to each participant staying in Center-supplied housing. All participants are expected to be in attendance for each day of their accepted weeks. If you miss more than one day during the Monday through Friday work week, the NSF lodging subsidy will be prorated for that week. The statement you will receive on the last Tuesday of your stay will reflect the support.


Check-in time: Anytime after 5:00 pm Sunday in Smart Hall the building on the corner of 6th & Gillespie Streets, to the west of the parking lot. Click here for a map showing the location of the Aspen Center for Physics.

Check-out time: 10:00 am Sunday.