"As with all of my prior opportunities to be an ACP participant, this visit was an intensely rewarding one for me. I was coming off two months of time and energy consuming administrative duties. (I'd prefer to use the phrase "scientific leadership" but I'm not sure it would be valid!) So, I don't think I could have been more delighted to have the chance to focus on physics from morning 'til night, surrounded by stimulating colleagues, and that is what I did!"


Fees, Salaries, Travel and Support

Thanks to continuing support from the National Science Foundation, the costs for summer program participation in 2018 will be almost unchanged from those of Summer 2017. The registration fee, charged to all participants, will be $650. The registration fee and a housing deposit are payable at the time an invitation to participate is accepted; the total prepayment will be equal to that of previous years. This prepayment is non-refundable if cancellation occurs after April 30. Individual participants are to provide their own salaries from their contracts, grants, fellowships, or regular appointments. Academic and research institutions and the funding agencies have recognized the value of participating in the Center and have been willing to pay summer salaries for work performed here. No funds are available for salaries for physicists. Note also that no food is included in the registration fee.

The NSF supports housing arranged through the Aspen Center for Physics equally for all participants using that housing. For summer 2018, the amount of NSF housing support is $325 per week, which is automatically deducted from the advertised weekly rental costs and are the amounts which will show up on each participants statement if the Center-obtained housing is used. Thanks to the Simons Foundation, physicists from countries designated either as scientifically underfunded or economically developing are eligible for registration fee, shared housing and limited travel support. Click here for more information. Some funds may be available for very small additional support grants for foreign participants from countries that do not qualify for Simons funds, but these are very limited, and participants are urged to obtain travel funds from their own institutions. The Trustee Fund and the Jacob Shaham Fund have been established to provide limited additional financial support for early-career attendees who would otherwise be unable to participate in Center activities. Click here for more information.

Housing Costs

Participants will be billed for any outstanding balances due on the Tuesday of their last week in Aspen. Final payments are due by noon on Thursday. Each summer's housing costs vary, depending on availability of apartments. NSF support is applied to each participant's bill who is using housing arranged through the Aspen Center for Physics. Prices are well below the Aspen retail market, and housing selections include shared housing, studio apartments, and one-two- and three-bedroom apartments.

They are fully furnished apartments and while not luxurious, they are generally comfortable and equipped with all linens, towels, and kitchen necessities. NEITHER SMOKING NOR PETS ARE ALLOWED IN OUR HOUSING.

Housing is assigned primarily on the basis of immediate family needs. Since we always operate at or near capacity, there is very little flexibility in the housing arrangements. It should be noted that large (3 or 4 bedroom) apartments are very scarce and expensive in the Aspen area. The most affordable arrangement is for unaccompanied physicists to share large apartments, with each person having a private bedroom (shared housing) and sharing the living room and kitchen.

Click here for more on housing.