�ACP's atmosphere is inspiring and my creativity level seems to go up as if I were in my twenties. The staff here is professional and very friendly. The facilities are perfect. The talks here are excellent... Being in Korea, I often find myself isolated from the frontline of research. Staying here at ACP helps me to be in contact with world�class level research and gives me the opportunity to meet people who are actively involved in the hot issues of my interest.�

General Program Information

The Aspen Center for Physics welcomes applications from any physicist with a serious program of research that can be carried out at the Center. During the Center's 16-week summer session, over 500 physicists selected from over 900 applicants and representing about 100 different institutions participate, with approximately 85 participants at any one time. The winter conferences are attended by over 400 participants in the one-week sessions.

The mix in the summer includes specialists from three major areas of theoretical physics research: astrophysics, elementary particle physics, and condensed matter physics. It also includes researchers in areas such as atomic physics, nuclear physics, biophysics and complex systems. Frequently, experimental physicists also find it profitable to come to the Center for reflection, writing and consultation with their theoretical colleagues.

Physicists who come to Aspen in the summer often bring their families. Evening picnics at the Center have become a tradition, encouraging ties that are personal as well as professional. In a few cases, children who came to the Center with their parents are now young physicists attending summer sessions in their own right.

The U.S. and international participants come from universities, private research laboratories and government laboratories and they include young scientists as well as those who are better established. While participants must provide their own salaries, the Center does offer support to help defray the cost of housing, which is provided through the Center.

Many distinguished scientists have worked at the Aspen Center for Physics, and several of them have been awarded the Nobel Prize for their work in physics. Click here for a complete list of Nobel Laureates who have visited the Aspen Center for Physics.