Aspen Winter Conference on
Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Computation

March 9 – 14, 2014



Krysta Svore, Microsoft 
Aram Harrow, MIT

Matthias Troyer, ETH Zurich


The application form is at

Please note that everyone, including organizers and invited speakers, has to apply.

Deadline for application is November 30, 2013.

Poster Session

We invite submissions of abstracts for the poster session. Titles and abstracts can be provided during the application process and can be updated at any time until the deadline.

The best poster by a junior participant will be awarded the Martin & Beate Bloch Award. Some abstracts may be selected for contributed talks.

Conference Topic

This conference highlights topics at the forefront of quantum computing and underlines the need to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas between scientists in order to further the possibility of breakthroughs in quantum algorithms.

With the latest advances in quantum devices and quantum algorithms, it is an opportune time to discuss the current challenges and the possibility of breakthrough “killer applications” for a quantum computer beyond factoring. The primary goal of this winter conference is to bring together experts from a rich diversity of backgrounds to further the prospect of revolutions in quantum algorithms, and to discuss the key challenges in developing new techniques for solving computational problems on a quantum computer.

Quantum algorithms take advantage of methods founded on the laws of quantum physics and promise computational speed-ups over classical methods. Most quantum algorithms draw from a small number of techniques, such as amplitude amplification, quantum annealing, and quantum phase estimation, and offer fast solutions to problems in a variety of fields including number theory, database search, physical simulation, chemistry and physics.

The conference will highlight topics at the forefront of quantum computing and breakthroughs in quantum algorithms. Specific topics to be covered at the conference include:

  1. Bullet Adiabatic Quantum Optimization and Quantum Annealing

  2. Bullet Quantum Walks

  3. Bullet Quantum Algorithms in the Quantum Circuit Model

  4. Bullet Quantum Query Models

  5. Bullet Quantum Simulation of Physical Systems

  6. Bullet Classical Methods for Simulation of Quantum Algorithms

  7. Bullet Quantum Fault Tolerance and Error Correction