"I found the general atmosphere [at the Aspen Center for Physics] very stimulating. All practical matters were taken care of in a pragmatic and effective way, all time was available for discussions and self-study. The beautiful surroundings did not distract, but stimulated creative thinking. It is too bad that life cannot always be so simple and pleasant."

Nick and Maggie DeWolf Public Lectures

Winter 2016

Wednesdays - 5:30 pm

Wheeler Opera House

Before each lecture, plan to attend Physics Caf�s, chats with physicists co-hosted with the Aspen Science Center, from 4:30 to 5:20 pm in the Wheeler Mezzanine

Lectures and Caf�s are Free

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  • January 6
    Tiny Cells, Global Impact: The Ocean's Invisible Forest
    Speaker: Sallie (Penny) Chisholm, MIT
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  • January 13
    Are We Ready for a Final Theory of Physics?
    Speaker: Michael Peskin, Stanford
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  • February 10
    The Monster of the Milky Way
    Speaker: Andrea Ghez, UCLA

  • February 17
    The Quantum World in Miniaturized Electronic Devices
    Speaker: Mordehai Heiblum, Weizmann Institute

  • March 9
    Conference Topic: The Re-ionization Epoch: New Insights and Future Prospects

  • March 23
    Conference Topic: Advances in Quantum Algorithms and Computation
    Speaker: Scott Aaronson, MIT

  • March 30
    Conference Topic: Physics of Development and Disease