In the above photo, some of those who attended the Aspen Center for Physics' June 6, 2013 public lecture on The Physics of Cooking by David Weitz made ice cream after the lecture by tossing salt and ice and a bag of milk, cream and sugar until it solidified.

NEW! All 2015 summer talks are at 5:30 to 6:30 pm in Flug Auditorium at the Aspen Center for Physics,
700 West Gillespie.

Heinz Pagels Public Lectures

Summer 2015

Some of the presentations will be lectures, others a more informal dialogue-with-the-audience format. Click on colored date for more information.
  • June 11 – Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Title: The Physics of the Iran Nuclear Negotiations
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  • June 18 – Speaker: Beth Willman, Haverford College
    Title: Mapping the Milky Way, Our Cosmic Backyard
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  • June 25 – Speaker: Martin Elvis, Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
    Title: Astronomy and Market Forces: Rediscovering an Ancient Partnership
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  • July 9 – Speaker: Ilya Nemenman, Emory University
    Title: Sensing, Learning, and Communicating: Are our Cells Better than We are?
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  • July 16 –Speaker: Ian Spielman, National Institute of Standards and Technology
    Title: Engineered Magnetism in an Atomic Bose-Einstein Condensate
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  • July 23 – Speaker: Henriette Elvang, University of Michigan
    Title: Using Geometry to Simplify Particle Physics
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  • July 30 – Speaker: Chetan Nayak, Microsoft Research, Station Q
    Title: The Secret Lives of Electrons
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  • August 6 – Speaker: Francis Halzen, University of Wisconsin, IceCube
    Title: Ice Fishing for Neutrinos: the IceCube Project
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  • August 13 – Speaker: Dan Hooper, University of Chicago, Fermilab
    Title: Revealing the Nature of Dark Matter
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  • August 20 – Speaker: Speaker: Daniel Whiteson, UC Irvine
    Title: Observing Ultra–High Energy Cosmic Rays with Smartphones

  • August 27 Speaker: David Morrison, University of California Santa Barbara
    Title: The Remarriage of Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics