June 2014 time–lapse photo taken by Shane Larson of sky over Smart Hall at the Aspen Center for Physics during an astrophysics workshop.

"The atmosphere at ACP is inspiring and my creativity level seems to go up as if I were in my twenties. The staff here is professional and very friendly. The facilities are perfect. The talks here are excellent...Being in Korea, I often find myself isolated from the frontline of research. Staying here at ACP helps me to be in contact with a world-class level of research and gives me an opportunity to meet people who are actively involved in the hot issues of my interest."

Recent Past Public Lectures

Thanks to Maggie DeWolf and the Nick DeWolf Foundation, the local community access television station, Grassroots TV, has archived all past public lectures so they can be viewed at any time. You can click the red links below to go directly to the talk. If we don't have a link up yet, you can access the Grassroots website and search for any of our past lectures.








  • Steven Beckwith
    The Dawn of Galaxy Creation: Its First Two Billion Years
  • Paul Chaikin
    How Many M&Ms Are in That Jar and Why Does it Matter: Experiments with Colloids and Candies
  • J.C. Seamus Davis
    Visualizing Complex Electronic Quantum Matter at the Atomic Scale
  • Timothy Heckman
    Supermassive Black Holes
  • Boris Kayser
    Matter, Antimatter, and How We Came to be Here
  • Antonio Castro Neto
    Atomically Thin Carbon: From Revolutionary Electronics to the Core of Neutron Stars
  • Rob Phillips
    How Cells Decide What to Eat
  • Robert Rosner
    Reaching for a Sustainable and Attainable Energy Future
  • Sara Seager
    Extrasolar Planets and the Search for Habitable Worlds
  • George Smoot
    CSI: Aspen Cosmic Scene Investigation
  • Panel Discussion: Marcela Carena, Patrick Fox, Howard Haber, Elizabeth Simmons, Michael Turner, Dick Zerwas
    Coming Soon at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the Higgs, Dark Matter and Maybe Even Black Holes or New Dimensions of Space