June 2014 time–lapse photo taken by Shane Larson of sky over Smart Hall at the Aspen Center for Physics during an astrophysics workshop.

"The atmosphere at ACP is inspiring and my creativity level seems to go up as if I were in my twenties. The staff here is professional and very friendly. The facilities are perfect. The talks here are excellent...Being in Korea, I often find myself isolated from the frontline of research. Staying here at ACP helps me to be in contact with a world-class level of research and gives me an opportunity to meet people who are actively involved in the hot issues of my interest."

Recent Past Public Lectures

Thanks to Maggie DeWolf and the Nick DeWolf Foundation, the local community access television station, Grassroots TV, has archived all past public lectures so they can be viewed at any time. You can click the red links below to go directly to the talk. If we don't have a link up yet, you can access the Grassroots website and search for any of our past lectures.





  • The Fermi Gamma Ray Space Telescope: Seeing the Universe Through Gamma-Ray Eyes
    Speaker: Elliott Bloom
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  • What Makes up the Dark Matter?
    Speaker: Blas Cabrera
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  • Cook's Tale: A Guide to Understanding New Materials
    Speaker: Paul Canfield
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  • Listening to the Universe with Gravitational Waves
    Speaker: Daniel Holz
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  • The Hunt for the Elusive Higgs Boson
    Speaker: Ben Kilminster
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  • The Ocean's Cryptic Life
    Speaker: Thomas Kiorboe
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  • Gene Surfing and Survival of the Luckiest
    Speaker: David R. Nelson
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  • The Physics of Human and Superhuman Vision
    Speaker: Phil Nelson
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  • Fluid Viscosity: From Maxwell to String Theory
    Speaker: Dam Thanh Son
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  • Lasers, Micro-Lasers and Anti-Lasers
    Speaker: Douglas Stone
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  • Dark Matter, the Search for 85% of the Mass in the Universe
    Speaker: Risa Wechsler
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  • High-Temperature Superconductivity: Quantum Mechanics Meets Energy Efficiency
    Speaker: Ali Yazdani
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  • Zooming into Life on the Nano Scale
    Speaker: Xiaowei Zhuang
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  • Exploring the Cosmos from the Moon
    Speaker: Jack Burns
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  • Birds Do It, Bees Do It; Physics and the Art of Attracting a Mate
    Speaker: Eric Dufresne
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  • What's the Matter? The Race for Clues in our Cold, Dark Universe
    Speaker: Jonathan Feng
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  • The Limits of Knowledge: Philosophical and Practical Aspects of Building a Quantum Computer
    Speaker: Michael Freedman
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  • Unveiling a Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy
    Speaker: Andrea Ghez
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  • The Large Hadron Collider: Living with the Uncertainty Principle
    Speaker: David E. Kaplan
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  • Etch-a-Sketch Nanoelectronics
    Speaker: Jeremy Levy
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  • Biological Evolution: What it is and what it isn't
    Speaker: Joanna Masel
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  • Mysteries of Mass and Matter: Revealing Nature's Secrets with the Large Hadron Collider
    Speaker: Matthias Neubert
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  • From 0 to c in 60 Minutes: A Crash Course in Einstein, Featuring Planes, Trains and Automobiles
    Speaker: R. Shankar
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  • The Large Hadron Collider
    Speaker: Roger Bailey
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  • Condensed Matter: The Small Frontier
    Speaker: Donald Eigler
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  • Can Evolution Be Understood Quantitatively?
    Speaker: Daniel S. Fisher
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  • LHC: A Big Window to the Small World
    Speaker: Yuval Grossman
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  • The Sounds of Spacetime: Black Holes, Early Universe, Cosmic Strings and Holographic Noise
    Speaker: Craig Hogan
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  • Einstein Rings and Giant Arcs: Mapping Dark Matter with Gravitational Lensing
    Speaker: Bhuvnesh Jain
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  • Addressing America's Energy Challenges
    Speaker: Steve Koonin
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  • The Quantum Mechanics of Global Warming
    Speaker: John Bradley Marston
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  • Quantum Whirlpools: Tiny Vortices of Tireless Electrons
    Speaker: Kathryn Moler
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  • Knots, World-Lines, and Quantum Computation
    Speaker: Steven Simon
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  • Nature's Exquisite Nanomachines: The Dynamic and Varied City Plan of Living Cells
    Speaker: James Spudich
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  • Life after Stellar Death: Suprenovae, Neutron Stars, Pulsars and Magnetars
    Speaker: Edward P. J. Van Den Heuvel
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  • Dark Matters
    Speaker: Simon White
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  • The Dawn of Galaxy Creation: Its First Two Billion Years
    Speaker: Steven Beckwith
  • How Many M&Ms Are in That Jar and Why Does it Matter: Experiments with Colloids and Candies
    Speaker: Paul Chaikin
  • Visualizing Complex Electronic Quantum Matter at the Atomic Scale
    Speaker: J.C. Seamus Davis
  • Supermassive Black Holes Speaker: Timothy Heckman
  • Matter, Antimatter, and How We Came to be Here
    Speaker: Boris Kayser
  • Atomically Thin Carbon: From Revolutionary Electronics to the Core of Neutron Stars
    Speaker: Antonio Castro Neto
  • How Cells Decide What to Eat Speaker: Rob Phillips
  • Reaching for a Sustainable and Attainable Energy Future
    Speaker: Robert Rosner
  • Extrasolar Planets and the Search for Habitable Worlds
    Speaker: Sara Seager
  • CSI: Aspen Cosmic Scene Investigation
    Speaker: George Smoot
  • Coming Soon at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - the Higgs, Dark Matter and Maybe Even Black Holes or New Dimensions of Space
    Panel Discussion: Marcela Carena, Patrick Fox, Howard Haber, Elizabeth Simmons, Michael Turner, Dick Zerwas


  • Energy and Extra Dimensions in Einstein's Universe
    Speaker: Lisa Randall
  • Quantum Mechanics in the Information age: New Bits, Qubits, and Knot bits
    Speaker: Charles Marcus
  • Neutrinos in Astrophysics: Ghostly Messegners of the Heavens
    Speaker: A. Baha Balantekin
  • Reflections from Outbursts of Supermassive Black Holes at the Centers of Galaxies
    Speaker: Christine Jones
  • Supernovae and the Life of the Cosmos
    Speaker: Richard Mc Cray
  • Dark Energy and the Runaway Universe
    Speaker: Alexei Filippenko
  • Can the Universe be captured in an Equation?
    Speaker: Robbert Kijdgraaf
  • The Future of Particle Physics
    Speaker: Piermaria J. Oddone
  • Superconductivity and Superfluidity: Life without Friction
    Speaker: Gordon Baym
  • Mitochondrial Sequences and the Migration History of Modern Humans
    Speaker: Gyan Bhanot


  • The Sciense of the Ultracold
    Speaker: Randall Gardner
  • Hiding in the Mirror: The Mysterious Allure of Extra Dimensions
    Speaker: Lawrence Krauss
  • Exploring Cosmic Origins with the Next Generation of Telescopes
    Speaker: Leo Blitz
  • Quantum Universe
    Speaker: John Womersley
  • When Obsessions Collide: Golf and Physics
    Speaker: Rovert D. Grover
  • Quantum Money, Teleportation and Computation
    Speaker: Steven M. Girvin
  • Spooky Action at a Distance?
    Speaker: N. David Mermin
  • The Explosive Universe
    Speaker: Adam Burrows
  • Strings Everywhere?
    Speaker: Clifford V. Johnson


  • Nanotechnology in Nature: Agility of Biomolecules Explored One at a Time
    Speaker: Yale E. Goldman
  • Levitation, Superconductivity & Time: Einstei–s Special Relativity
    Speaker: Francesco Fidecaro
  • Exoplanets, Yellowstone & Prospects for Life in the Universe
    Speaker: Geoffrey Marcy
  • Dark Matter & Dark Energy: From the Universe to the Laboratory
    Speaker: Sean Carroll
  • Einstein–s Vision & the Quantum Universe
    Speaker: James B. Hartle
  • Threats to the Future of US Science & Technology
    Speaker: Neal Lane
  • Genius and (Genius)2: Planck, Einstein & the Birth of Quantum Theory
    Speaker: A. Douglas stone
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation: Guantum Wierdness at the Lowerst Tempurature in the Universe
    Speaker: Carl E. Wieman
  • Secrets of the Old One: Motion & Light
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Secrets of the Old One: The Theory of Relativity
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Secrets of the Old One: Do Atoms Exist?
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Secrets of the Old One: The Quantum
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Warped Passages: Energy & Extra Dimensions in Einstein's Universe


  • Novel Phenomena,Devices & Materials at the Nanoscal
    Speaker: David Goldhaber
  • The Violent High–Energy Universe
    Speaker: Vicky Gaspin
  • The Expanding Universe
    Speaker: P James E Peebles
  • Of Genes and Genomes
    Speaker: David Botstein
  • Fundamental Particles, Fundamental Questions
    Speaker: Elizabeth H Simmons
  • The Universe Live & in Concert
    Speaker: Mark Coles
  • Neutrinos Under Your Skin
    Speaker: Boris Kayser
  • Images of Our Milky Way Galaxy: Our Place in the Universe
    Speaker: Rosemary Wyse
  • The Arrow of Time
    Speaker: Joel Lebowits
  • Einstein in the Stars
    Speaker: J. Craig Wheeler
  • String Theory: Past, Present & Future
    Speaker: John H. Schwartz


  • What is Matter and What is Life from a Physicist's Perspective: Conversation with the Dalai Lama
    Speaker: Steven Chu
  • The First Thing in the Universe
    Speaker: Tom Abel
  • Matters of Degrees: What Temperature Reveals About the Past, Present, Future of our Species, Planet, Universe
    Speaker: Gino Segre
  • From Black Holes to Light Waves to a New Astronomy
    Speaker: Lee S Finn
  • From Superconductors to the Theory of Everything: A Journey through the Physics of the Electron
    Speaker: Catherine Kallin
  • Messengers of the Extreme Universe
    Speaker: Angela Olinto
  • The Sun Shines Even at 3AM: The Magical Story of Neutrinos and the Scientists Who Found Them
    Speaker: Pierre Ramond
  • Magnetism: A Guided Tour From Ancient Greece to Modern Aspen
    Speaker: Dieter Vollhardt
  • The Symmetry (or Lack of It) between Matter & Antimatter
    Speaker: Helen R. Quinn
  • Mapping the Heavens: The Universe Revealed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
    Speaker: Joshua Frieman
  • The Fragrant Mind: How the Brain Senses Scents
    Speaker: Lawrence Katz


  • Icefishing for Neutrinos at the South Pole
    Speaker: Francis Halzen
  • Invasions in Particle Physics
    Speakers: Maria Spiropulu and Joseph Lykken
  • The Real Story Behind Stopping Light
    Speaker: Ronald Walsworth
  • In the Beginning
    Speaker: Michael S. Turner
  • Light & Life
    Speaker: Lubert Stryer
  • Higgs Boson: The Origins of Mass
    Speaker: Marcela Carena
  • Why Climb Mountains When You Can (Quantum) Tunnel Through Them? Solving Hard Problems from Magnets to Protein Folding
    Speaker: Thomas F. Rosenbaum
  • Why Things Usually Hum Equally in Every Octave
    Speaker: Michael Weissmam
  • The Physics of the Heart
    Speaker: John Wikswo


  • Why is the Universe Matter–Animatter Asymmetr
    Speaker: Roberto D. Peccei
  • Visualizing Single Molecules with Lasers
    Speaker: W E Moerner
  • Complex Adaptive Matter: Science for the New Millennium
    Speaker: David Pines
  • Universe in a Box
    Speaker: Matthias Steinmetz
  • Supermassive Black Holes in Galaxies: Chicken or the Egg?
    Speaker: Thomas Prince
  • Making the Most out of Moore: Physics and the Information Age
    Speaker: Cherry A. Murray
  • Living Nightmares: Facing the Growing Threat of Biological Weapons
    Speaker: Steven Block
  • Taming Light with Cold Atoms: Light at Bicycle Speed...and slower yet!
    Speaker: Lene Vestergaard


  • 1+1=3? The Frontier Science of Emergent Materials
    Speaker: Piers Coleman
  • Physics at the Turn of the Century
    Speaker: Thomas Appelquist
  • The Origins of Cancer in Humans
    Speaker: Arnold J. Levine
  • The Size and Age of the Universe
    Speaker: Wendy Freedman
  • Getting a Charge out of Shape–Changing Crystals
    Speaker: David Vanderbit
  • Violence in the Graveyard of the Universe
    Speaker: Rovin Stebbins
  • Einstein's Biggest Blunder?
    Speaker: Lawrence Krauss
  • New View of the Distant Universe with Chandra X–Ray Observatory
    Speaker: Belinda Wilkes
  • When You Come to the Fork in the Road Take it– Yogi Berra's Guide to the Quantum World
    Speaker: Ramamurti Shankar
  • The Theory of Everything
    Speaker: Robert B Laughlin
  • New Dimensions to Einstein's Gravity
    Speaker: Lisa Randall


  • This Not So Crazy World: Order in Randomness
    Speaker: Raymond Orbach
  • Thinking about Complexity
    Speaker: L. M. Simmons, Jr.
  • How to Hunt a Wild Neutrino
    Speaker: Janet Conrad
  • The Origin of the Galaxies: Studying Evolution with a Time Machine
    Speaker: Simon White
  • Journey to the Coldest Place in the Universe, What Atoms Do When It's Really Cold
    Speaker: Gordon Baym
  • Jointly sponsered Historical Society/Physics/Music lectures on the 50–year history of the Music Assoc of Aspen 7/1,15,29
  • Seeing the Invisible: Dark Matter in the Universe
    Speaker: J. Anthony Tyson
  • Exploring Forbidden Paths: Tunneling into High Termperature Superconductors
    Speaker: Laura H Greene
  • The Origin of Mass
    Speaker: Jonathan Bagger
  • Sonuluminescence: Star in a Jar, Creation of Light from Sound
    Speaker: Seth Putterman
  • New developments in the art and science of skiing and snowboarding
    Speaker: David Lind
  • Emergence, Reductionism & the Seamless Web: When & Why is Science Right?
    Speaker: Philip Warren


  • for KUSA
    Speaker: Maggie De Wolf
  • The Quest for Gravitational Waves: Fulfilling Einstein's Vision
    Speaker: Peter Saulson
  • Young Stars, Planetary Systems & the Search for Life in the Universe
    Speaker: Steven V.W.
  • Fractal Dimensions & the Physics of Crumbled Bodies
    Speaker: David Nelson
  • Probing the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
    Speakers: Robert Williams and Claude Nicollier
  • Bose–Einstein Condensation: Creating a New Form of Matter at the Coldest Temperature in the universe
    Speaker: Carl E. Wieman
  • New Developments in the Art & Science of Skiing & Snowboarding
    Speaker: David Lind
  • Medical Imaging with Laser–Polarized 3-He and 129–Xe
    Speaker: William Harper
  • What Makes the Big Bang So Big?
    Speaker: Craig Hogan
  • Small is Beautiful: Silicon Micro Machines for Science & Technology
    Speaker: David Bishop


  • Measuring the Size & Age of the Universe with the Hubble Space Telescope
    Speaker: Robert Kennicutt
  • The Wonders of Nature in Less than 3 Dimensions
    Speaker: Rovert J. Birgeneau
  • Neutrinos: Importance & Peculiarities of the Nearest Thing to Nothing
    Speaker: David O. Caldwell
  • Listening to Einstein's Universe
    Speaker: Gary Sanders
  • Aspen Science Fair
    Speaker: Bernice Durand
  • Interviews with Famous Physicists
    Speaker: Bernice Durand
  • Blue Skies, Rainbows & UV Rays
    Speaker: Bernice Durand
  • Poking & Cajoling Quarks, The Fundamental Particles
    Speaker: Melissa Franklin
  • Duality, Space–Time & Quantum Mechanics
    Speaker: Edward Witten
  • Predictablity & Chaos
    Speaker: Pierre C. Hohenberg
  • Space & Time are Relative
    Speaker: Bernice Durand
  • How the Brain is Like & Different from a Computer
    Speaker: Charles Stevens
  • Space & Time are Curved


  • Using Tractor Beams to Study Biological Motors
    Speaker: Steven Block
  • 1896 to 1986: A Century of High Energy Physics
    Speaker: Roy Frederick
  • The Physics of Star Trek
    Speaker: Lawrence Krauss
  • The Hunt for Black Holes
    Speaker: Philip Charles
  • Shadows of Creation: The Dark Matter of the Universe
    Speaker: David Schramm
  • From Simplicity to Complexity
    Speaker: Murray Gell–Mann
  • Does God Throw Dice in Black Holes?
    Speaker: Stephen Hawking
  • Space-Time Since Einstein (Strings)
    Speaker: Brian Greene
  • Quantum Cryptography
    Speaker: Charles Bennett


  • Black Holes & Gravitational Waves: Dark Side of the Universe
    Speaker: Kip S. Thorne
  • Quantum Structures and & Their Physics: Principles Underlying Layered Lasers
    Speaker: Shirley Ann Jackson
  • Big telescopes look at the big bang
    Speaker: Craig Hogan


  • Three Ways of Misreading Physics
    Speaker: Sidney Coleman
  • Building Tomorrow's Electronics: Legols for the Materials Scientist
    Speaker: Thomas F.
  • The Hubble Space Telescope: A view of the Universe
    Speaker: Mario Livio
  • Is there any way to make public school science teaching better?
    Speaker: Michael Fowler
  • Women in Science: Does Gender Matter?
    Speaker: Londa Schiebinger
  • The Unsolved Mysteries of Particle Physics
    Speaker: Thomas Appelquist
  • What Does Superconductivity Have to do with Elementary Particle Physics? Everthing!
    Speaker: Robert B Laughlin
  • Neutron Stars: The Ultimate Metrics of Time, Space & Mass/Energy?
    Speaker: Joseph H. Taylor


  • Cosmology and Culture; Implications of Recent Cosmological Discoveries
    Speaker: Joel Primack
  • Order in Disorder; Spatial Patterns, Chaos, and Turbulence
    Speaker: Michael Cross
  • More Questions than Questions about Schools
    Speaker: George Stranahan
  • Searching for Superconductivity
    Speaker: David Pines
  • Cosmological Mysteries - Myth or Science
    Speaker: Jeremiah P. Ostriker
  • Taking the Measure of the Universe: How Big? How Old?
    Speaker: Robert P. Kirshner
  • Super Theories & Super Colliders
    Speaker: John H. Schwarz
  • Relaxation at the angle of repose: Do avalanches explain the fractal nature of the universe?
    Speaker: Sidney R Nagel


  • Getting Creative Ideas
    Speaker: Murray Gell-Mann
  • Wiggles from Creation: News from the Big Bang
    Speaker: P James E Peebles
  • The Future of the Universe
    Speaker: Stephen Hawking
  • In Search of the Ultimate Structure
    Speaker: Pierre Ramond
  • Is Theoretical Physics Useful?
    Speaker: Susan N.
  • The Space Program in the New Russia
    Speaker: Rashid Sunyaev
  • How to Find a Black Hole
    Speaker: Jonathan E. Grindlay
  • Particle Physics in the Cosmos: Beginning & End of Universe
    Speaker: Lawrence Krauss
  • High Temperature Superconductors, Squids & Hearts
    Speaker: John W. Clark


  • Phase Transitions & Critical Phenomena
    Speaker: Michael E. Fisher
  • The Big Bang Really Happened
    Speaker: Michael S. Turner
  • Black Holes Up Close & Personal
    Speaker: J. Craig Wheeler
  • The Health of American Science & Education
    Speaker: Leon Max Lederman
  • Primeval Fireball
    Speaker: David Wilkinson


  • Quasi Crystals: A New Phase of Matter
    Speaker: Paul J. Steinhardt
  • Do Computers Think?
    Speaker: John Joseph Hopfield
  • What is Solid State Physics? Quantum Mechanics in Your Everyday Life
    Speaker: A. Douglas Stone
  • Probing the Creation: Tests for the Big Bang
    Speaker: David Schramm
  • Supercolliders, Superconductors, Supernovas, and Economic Development (in Aspen Colorado)
    Speaker: Leon Max Lederman
  • Technology of 21st Century
    Speaker: Paul M Horn


  • The Fastest Pulsars in the Universe
    Speaker: Jacob Shaham
  • Patterns and Chaos: Central Ideas in Non-Linear Science
    Speaker: Jerry P Gollub
  • The Mystery of Neutrinos from the Sun
    Speaker: S. Peter Gollub
  • Druk Yol, The Gragon Kingdom
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • High Temperature Superconductivity
    Speaker: M. Brian Maple
  • Black Holes and Their Children, Baby Universes
    Speaker: Stephen Hawking
  • Global Warming: A View from the Rockies
    Speaker: John Harte
  • Fronteir Science at Very Low Temperatures
    Speaker: Robert W Richardson
  • Big Bang Revisited
    Speaker: William Alfred Fowler
  • Superconductors, Supercolliders, Supernovas and Economic Development in Aspen
    Speaker: Leon Max Lederman


  • Superstrings - A Theory of Everything?
    Speaker: David Gross
  • A Thousand Years of Popular Views of Astronomical Discoveries
    Speaker: Malvin Avram
  • Psycho - Sociology of the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC)
    Speaker: Peter Carruthers
  • Shadows of Creation: The Large Scale Structure of the Universe
    Speaker: David Schramm
  • High Temperature Superconductivity: The Challenge and the Promise
    Speaker: David Pines
  • Here Comes the Sun: The Cuzco-Machu Picchu Connections
    Speaker: David Dearborn
  • High Temperature Super Conductors: A New State of Matter?
    Speaker: Robert B Laughlin
  • 2500 Years of Particle Physics: The Latest to the Super Collider
    Speaker: Leon Max Lederman
  • Supernova 1987: The Supernova of a Lifetime
    Speaker: Robert P. Kirshner


  • Before the Big Bang - date unkown
    Speaker: Heinz R. Pagels
  • A Voyage to Lhasa - date unkown
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • Superstring Theory
    Speaker: John H. Schwarz
  • The Supernova of 1987
    Speaker: David Schramm


  • Title unlisted
    Speaker: Marvin L. Goldberger
  • Scientist as Educator
    Speaker: William Frazer
  • Recollections of a Native Adventurer
    Speaker: Robert Craig
  • Sequencing the Human Genome
    Speaker: George Bell
  • The World in which We Live
    Speaker: Robert O. Andersom
  • Physicists against Star Wars: David vs. Goliath
    Speaker: Philip warren
  • Art and Physics
    Speaker: Robert Rathbun
  • Is Everything in the Universe Composed of Superstrings?
    Speaker: Murray Gell-Mann
  • 3 Degrees Above Zero
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein
  • The Secrets of Stradivari's Violins
    Speaker: William F. Fry
  • The Big Bang: The Creation of the Universe
    Speaker: David Schramm


  • From Atom Smashers to Quark Smashers: The Search for the fundamental properties of nature
    Speaker: James Watson Cronin
  • What are Nature's Building Blocks?
    Speaker: Murray Gell-Mann


  • Gravitation, Nature's Weakest Force - date not certain - AIHS speaker series
    Speaker: Joseph Weber
  • Life and Personality of Einstein - date not certain - AIHS speaker series
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein


  • The Horizons of Physics
    Speaker: Murray Gell-Mann
  • The Application of Physics
    Speaker: Hans Emil
  • The Funding of Physics
    Speaker: Robert Rathbun
  • The Aspen Center for Physics
    Speaker: George Stranahan
  • White Teacher, Black Students: The Problem of Third World Colleges
    Speaker: William Frazer
  • Darwin vs. Newton: Models for Scientific Theorists
    Speaker: Murray Gell-Mann
  • Some Mountains of Asia
    Speaker: Jeremy Bernstein


  • Why Anti-Ballistic Missles Will Not Contribute to the Security of the U.S.
    Speaker: Hans Bethe


  • The Role of Scientists in Decision Making
  • The Problems of Cities
  • Modern Ethics (moderated by Mortimer Alder)
  • Science and Government: The Moon Shot


  • Neutrino Physics
    Speaker: Robert R. Lewis
  • Elementary Particles
    Speaker: Loyal Durand
  • Soviet Science
    Speaker: Robert Marshak
  • Helium Three
    Speaker: Henry Primakoff