"The Center seems to have figured out an effective way to engage a group of us from different disciplines to interact naturally: put like-minded people in a beautiful and isolated place for at least two weeks."


The Aspen Center for Physics is a non-profit Colorado corporation operated for scientists by scientists with a small administrative staff. Officers, trustees, and general members select programs and participants, guide funding, select staff and oversee all aspects of the Center's activities. To maintain corporate memory, honorary members and trustees continue to advise the board and serve the Center after their elected terms are over. The Center is governed by a volunteer board of a maximum of 80 general members and nine trustees who are guided by its by-laws.

The Aspen Center for Physics receives its primary support from the National Science Foundation. The Center also receives funds from the Department of Energy, the Office of Naval Research and several academic and corporate institutions. For more information, click Financial Support on the left to learn about funding for the Center and for participants.