"Throughout my stay, I could not help thinking that if heaven has a place for physicists, it would have a black board outdoors in a lush garden with aspen trees." -physicist

Presidents of the Aspen Center for Physics

Fourteen individuals have served as president, making significant time commitments (and career sacrifices) to run the Center. The presidents have not only run the Center, but have also shaped its character. To help celebrate our 50th anniversary, the Board of Trustees of the Aspen Center for Physics asked the 13 past presidents to write short essays about their experiences as leaders of the Center and asked the current president to write a forward looking essay. All agreed to do so.

When the Board started this project, all the past presidents were still living. Sadly, David S. De Young, our 11th president, died on December 1, 2011 and will not be with us when we officially celebrate our 50th birthday on July 7th. Working with Jane Kelly and his wife Mary Ellen, he completed his essay shortly before he died. David De Young began coming to the Center in the early 1970s and was instrumental in pioneering astrophysics at the ACP. The Aspen Center for Physics is a better place for Davidís almost 40 years of service and he will be in our thoughts when we celebrate our 50th anniversary on July 7th.

While the president is in charge of the Center, our two Administrative Vice-presidents, Sally Hume Mencimer and Jane Kelly, have run the day-to-day operations of the Center both with great expertise and style. They too have helped to shape the Center and share in the credit for its success. The Trustees asked both Sally and Jane to write essays about their experiences as well and they agreed as well.