�I found Aspen and the Center friendly to my family and your efforts made it possible for us to come with two young children.�

Bringing Children

In the over 50-year history of the Aspen Center for Physics, families have been an integral part of the participants� Aspen experience. ACP encourages physicists to bring their families with them to Aspen so they can enjoy together the many and varied amenities that this small mountain town provides. Children are welcome on the campus on weekends and in the evenings, especially for the family picnics every Tuesday throughout the summer and on Wednesday evenings in July and August for a kids BBQ that we co-host with the Aspen Science Center. A private lactation room is available in Stranahan Library and a Day Care Fund has been established to help offset child care expenses for participant parents of young children.

Cribs, Strollers, Highchairs

A supply of baby and child needs from bath tubs to bikes is available for your use at no charge. You may reserve cribs, but you will collect other children's items after your arrival. Please ask a staff member for directions and return all items to the Center before leaving. Donations are welcome!

Day Care and Camps for Children

Child care in the Aspen area is available on short notice although it is best to pre-arrange care if possible. Camp Aspen Snowmass offers a significant discount if you register and pay in early May. Most local child�care facilities are well trained in communicating with non�English speaking children. Since day�care facilities change often, we recommend that you Google current facilities. Some information on visiting Aspen with a child aged 18 months or younger is also available. Our Activities Brochure offers suggestions for children six and older.

When bringing an infant and/or a young toddler, participants often bring nannies, a family member, or the babysitter you might use at home. If you hope to find day care for an infant or a toddler, do arrange it in advance, as this is the most difficult age for which to arrange care.

When you register, we ask you to indicate whether anyone in your family is interested in providing babysitting. You may contact the staff for this list. We email a weekly participant list that includes accompanying family members so that families can contact one another to arrange babysitting and play dates.