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For 2020, generics of Viagra have firmly taken the leading position in the list of the most popular drugs, the action of which is aimed at treating erectile dysfunction (ED). You may wonder why the concept of "generics of Viagra" is generalized here - after all, there are a very large number of generics of Viagra, and not all of them are absolutely the same in terms of dosage and even the speed of onset of the effect. However, in general, it will be correct to combine the various versions of Viagra generics into one collective concept, because the active substance in all analogues of this famous drug is the same, as well as in itself. This is Sildenafil Citrate, a PDE-5 inhibitor. It is this substance that is responsible for the effect that Viagra and its analogues have on the male body.

The great advantage of Viagra generics, thanks to which they are so popular that about 70% of all Sildenafil citrate-based drugs sold in the world are Viagra generics, is their incomparably lower price. The original Viagra is not affordable for many men, even those who are quite wealthy, representatives of the middle class. After all, the cost of one tablet with the highest dosage of the main active ingredient (150 mg) can reach more than $25. And in most cases Viagra, like other drugs to restore potency, must be taken regularly. In a situation similar to the current one, when the whole world is suffering in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, salaries are falling, prices are rising, many people are losing their jobs and almost everyone - their calm, few are ready to give such amounts of money for not vitally important drugs. However, exactly at this difficult time it is especially important to maintain the mood at a more or less normal level, and a normal sexual life is far from the last point here. So the affordable generic Sildenafil now is even more relevant than ever before.

But how and where can you get them? There are two main options - in regular local pharmacies and in online pharmacies (in local, international and national overseas pharmacies). However, when it comes to the United States, there are quite a few difficulties with the first option. Firstly, to make a purchase, you will need to present a doctor's prescription for Viagra. Thus, before you will have to pay a visit to an urologist and undergo unpleasant examinations. Secondly, most pharmacies in the United States have a more than limited range of generics, most of them are two or three names of American or Israeli production, and they are far from the cheapest options. Well, and thirdly, the purchase of such drugs in ordinary pharmacies is associated with many inconveniences, such as embarrassment, lack of the necessary drug, long standing in line, etc.

It's not hard to understand that buying Viagra generics online is a much more attractive option. In this case, the human factor is minimized, therefore, anonymity is maximized, you are spared from uncomfortable interaction with the pharmacist. No more queues and trips to different pharmacies - the desired medicine is selected online, the order is placed on the website, payment is carried out there, and the only thing that you need to do in real life is to pick up the parcel at your post office. However, some shipping companies deliver orders directly to your home, to your mailbox or to your door.

When buying Viagra and its analogues on the Internet, it is important to remember that, despite the large number of useful features, the Internet is fraught with the proliferation of counterfeits and deceptions. In this regard, be sure to check whether the pharmacy's website has information about the license to sell medicines, its validity period and number. It is equally important to make sure that the checkout page is protected by data encryption. Finally, remember that the complete absence of any contact information or only one type of feedback, for example, a call to a phone number that no one answers, is highly likely to indicate bad faith of the owners of such a site. A reliable pharmacy, in most cases, has a text chat, an email address, sometimes a voice or video chat, a phone number, less often a mailing address.

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If you are interested in the possibility of buying the most favorable variants of Viagra generics, you should pay attention to some specific points. Below we give a number of tips to help you get the best medicine based on Sildenafil citrate to restore potency at the most attractive price.

Generic Viagra From India

Choose generics that are not of European origin, but are manufactured in India, Canada or Malay. They are known as the best options in terms of price/quality ratio. Generic Viagra India is known as the most flexible variant: Indian manufacturers offer a large variety of dosage options and dosage forms.

A pleasant bonus for those men who don't like going to doctors (and do those people who enjoy doing it exist in the world?) is that it is much easier to buy generic Viagra without a prescription than branded medicine. The fact is that in most of the countries in which those international Internet pharmacies which deliver drugs to various countries of the world are located, there is much softer, and, in fact, purely formal pharmaceutical legislation. To confirm the prescription status of Viagra, it will be enough to tick a special box. Some pharmacies may ask for a prescription scan, but in most cases this applies to European pharmacies. Meanwhile, in India or Australia nobody cares whether you have the doctor's prescription for Sildenafil or not.

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Buy generic Viagra in bulk (at least 50 pills). In most online pharmacies, especially foreign ones, the cost of pills is inversely proportional to the quantity in the order.

Do not forget that the higher the dosage of one pill, the less it costs you in the end. For example, if you need to take 50 mg of Viagra, a more reasonable choice would be to buy not 100 pills of 50 mg each, but 50 pills of 100 mg of Sildenafil. If you buy generic 100 mg Viagra online, it is always a more profitable option. However, if such a small dosage as 25 mg is most suitable for you, it will not be very convenient to divide one pill into four parts, they will not be the same, the tablet may crumble. Therefore, in this case, it is better to buy the 50 mg version.

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Don't forget that a good life hack can be using aggregators of offers from various online pharmacies. By using one of such websites, which contains offers from the most highly rated, verified online pharmacies that many customers trust, you can not only easily select the most attractive options in terms of price, but also save a lot of your time on this. After all, you will no longer need to visit dozens of websites of various pharmacies and compare the price of various Viagra generics, terms and delivery costs, countries of origin, etc. All parameters can be set before starting the search for the options you are interested in, and all that remains for you is to go in one click on the link to the offer that interests you the most. The only drawback of such aggregators is that small pharmacies can pass them by, however, at least you get a guarantee that the displayed options are reliable. You can also read the reviews of other customers about a particular pharmacy.

A good way to purchase Viagra generics at a discounted price is by using promotional codes, coupons and a lot of attention to special offers. The Internet is replete with various sites with a variety of promotional codes and coupons. To find them, you just need to enter a query containing the name of the pharmacy and the word "promo code", "discount" or "coupon" in the search box. Please note that these pleasant bonuses may not apply to the entire range of the pharmacy. By the way, special offers regarding drugs for erectile dysfunction can be timed not only for Christmas sales or Black Friday, but also for Valentine's Day, for example.