"Science is a wonderful thing if one does not have to earn one's living at it." -Albert Einstein

Costs and Funding


Registration fees are $400 per person per winter. They are refundable. No food is included in this fee. A lodging package at Aspen Meadows has been arranged for 2018. Nightly prices include breakfast and range from $136.50 per person for shared occupancy to $248.00 for single occupancy for all conferences. You may stay at other Aspen hotels if you choose.


The National Science Foundation is our cognizant grant agency. Very limited NSF funds are available for housing support for participants in each winter conference.

The Department of Energy has been instrumental in annual funding of the winter conferences by supporting the publication and secretarial needs of a particle and an astrophysics conference each winter. In addition, the DOE has generously provided support for individual conferences.

The Office of Naval Research has also been very responsive to requests for specific support of winter conferences.

Several corporations, foundations, laboratories and individuals also donate to the Center for specific programs, building projects, or for our endowment. Their assistance has been invaluable. The Nick and Maggie DeWolf Foundation generously sponsors our winter public lectures.