"Besides all the fight for grants and positions, scientists should sometimes rest and consider what is our actual goal: understanding the origin of our Universe and the physical processes that govern its evolution. The core idea of Aspen - bringing a group of interested and smart people together and letting them think and chat about their subject - is well suited to achieve this goal."

Past Dialogues

2014 Dialogues

2013 Dialogues

  • Anthony Tyson
    Exploring the Dark Universe: Discovery and Invention
  • Hirosi Ooguri
    What is Gravity?
  • Kathryn Johnston
    The Milky Way as Cannibal
  • Carlos Wagner
    What We Know About the Higgs Boson, One Year Later

2012 Dialogues

  • Gil Holder
    The Dynamic and Evolving Universe
  • Dragan Huterer
    The Universe Caught Speeding: the Mystery of Dark Energy
  • Robert Austin
    The Physics of Cancer
  • Joshua Shaevitz
    It's a Small World After All: A Day in the Life of Molecules and Cells
  • Sky Stories with Astronomer Daryl Haggard and Ice Cream Social at the Aspen Center for Physics, cohosted with the Aspen Science Center
  • Alicia Soderberg
    Supernova Forensics
  • Jeremy Bernstein
    A Guided Tour Through Nuclear Iran
  • Martin Elvis
    Love, Fear & Greed: Why We Should Go to the Asteroids
  • Julien Bobroff
    Superconductivity:. Becoming Engaged with Great Physics
  • Sergei Maslov and Kim Sneppen
    Randomness and Selection in Biological and Technological Evolution

2011 Dialogues

  • Kathryn Zurek
    Physics at the Frontiers:Exotic and Unexpected Signals at the LHC
  • Herbi Dreiner
    Radioactivity, Nuclear Power Plants, and Fukushima
  • Elliot Lipeles
    The Large Hadron Collider: On the Road to Discovery
  • Piers Coleman
    From the Quantum to the Micron: the Mind-Blowing Quest to Understand Matter and Life Between the Angstrom and the Micron
  • Stuart Raby
    Power and Beauty of Symmetry: Beyond the Standard Model

2010 Dialogues

  • Michael Hopkins
    Mathematical Invariants: How to Know the Answer in Advance
  • Maria Spiropulu
    The LHC
  • Robbert Dijkgraaf
    The Work of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • Adiel Stern
    Quantum Electronics and the Shackles of Practicality

2009 Dialogues

  • Liam McAllister, Hiranya Peiris, Richard Easther, Clifford Burgess
    Matter and Antimatter: The Science of �Angels and Demons,� The Movie
  • Ignacio Cirac, David Weiss
    Might Quantum Computers Change the World?
  • Zeljko Ivezic
    The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: Space Movies and Killer Asteroids
  • Karin Rabe
    Energy and Climate Change