"I had a fantastic academic experience during these three weeks. Before arriving Aspen, I was rather skeptical whether I would be able to participate in the discussions sufficiently and make a fruitful use of the time, but it is indeed the "Aspen spirit"� of the fellow participants that made it easy."

Aspen Center for Physics in the Press

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ACP in the 2014 Media

  • Stirling Colgate contributed hours and funds to ACP. He is remembered in Physics Today.
  • We would try to keep track of all of our members' and participants' awards, but that would be like capturing sunlight. Here's an example of one of the hundreds of math and science awards won over the years by ACP's physicists. Hirosi Ooguri captured the Kodansha Prize for Science books for his book, Introduction to Superstring Theory. Read more by clicking this link for the article published in caltech at edu/news.
  • Static electricity and miniature lightning bolts are featured at the Aspen Center for Physics' booth at the Science Fair put on by the Aspen Science Center. Aspen Daily News.
  • A summary of what's next at the Center for the rest of the summer is in the Aspen Times.
  • Physicist Shane Larson explains what doing science at the Aspen Center for Physics is like in his blog.
  • Having good-natured fun with Aspen's summer characters, Andy Stone gives physicists a thumbs-up in his June 25, 2014 Aspen Times column.
  • This June 23, 2014 New York Times article quotes many of our members and participants about quantum computing.
  • ACP General Member Marc Kamionkowski spoke on NPR's All Things Considered on March 17. The topic was the Big Bang. The transcript is available here.
  • When the topic of string theory comes up, the Aspen Center for Physics gets a nod for a 1984 pivotal moment in John Schwarz's and Michael Green's thinking. In a March 5th Johnny Settle article, Video: How String Theory Scaled Up, published online at Phys.org, Settle gives a brief string theory history and notes the 2014 Fundamental Physics Prize awarded to these two string pioneers.
  • Also view the video at Phys.org.

ACP in the 2013 Media

  • The Aspen Center for Physics foments discussions in many different arenas related to physics. On November 13, 2013, Nature published an article by Caitlin Casey and Kartik Sheth, The Ethical Grey Zone. While in Aspen the two physicists were involved in an informal discussion on how to build a positive, healthy work environment and how to make the physics community more inviting to and inclusive of under-represented groups.
  • Genius Parking. On July 2, the local Aspen Times has fun with our parking sign.
  • A Champion of Change by Steinn Sigurdsson. A blog in Science Blogs on June 20, about Paul Ginsparg, founder of an open access database for physics and other papers which revolutionized the availability of physics research and which was conceived at the Aspen Center for Physics.
  • Physics, Food Collide Tonight at Lecture in Aspen by Isabelle Chapman. The article is in The Aspen Times June 6, 2013 edition.
  • CSI: Milky Way - Kelly Holley-Bockelmann and Tamara Bogdanović found an explanation for some of the Milky Way's violent past after an Aspen Center for Physics conference. The article is in Science Daily
  • Aspen Physics Program Airs - About the monthly Radio Physics show in collaboration with valley physics students and KDNK radio in The Aspen Times February 26, 2013 edition.
  • Get Smart - A fun column about ACP's winter lectures by Paul E. Anna (a pseudonym for a local reporter) in The Aspen Times January 25, 2013 edition.

ACP in the 2012 Media

  • Listen to Radio Physics on KDNK. Interviews by valley high school students with noted physicists.
  • Amidst Rocky Peaks, Physicists Ponder The Universe on NPR's Science Friday August 10, 2012.
  • Download a pdf of the radio transcript here.
  • What in God's Name is Higgs Boson? by Amanda Charles in The Aspen Times July 12, 2012

  • Aspen Center for Physics Celebrates 50 Years by Curtis Wackerle in The Aspen Daily News July 8, 2012.
  • The American Physical Society presented the Aspen Center for a Physics with a plaque, designating the Center as an historical physics site, July 7, 2012.
  • Physicists Find Elusive Particle Seen as Key to Universe by Dennis Overbye in The New York Times July 5, 2012 written from the Aspen Center for Physics about groundbreaking work done at CERN. Click here to see the article on The New York Times website.
  • Aspen Physicists Celebrate a New Particle by Ryder Diaz on Aspen Public Radio July 5, 2012.
  • Aspen Physics turns 50 by Michael Turner in Nature June 21, 2012.
  • Decades of Success in Aspen Sojourner summer 2012.
  • 13 to Watch by Stuart Oksenhorn in The Aspen Times Weekly, June 22, 2012 - the first page of the article and the page that refers to the Aspen Center for Physics as a spot to watch for summer 2012

Past Hits

  • Adam Buckley Cohen explains the Aspen Center for Physics' Circle of Serenity in the summer/fall 2002 Aspen Magazine